About Us

What is Seaworthyfish?

seaworthyfish is an online marketplace where you can buy, cook and sell homemade food. Our mission is to change the way we approach home-cooked food by connecting people with a passion for cooking with those who love and crave more authentic, fresh and healthy meals.

Discover authentic, healthy, unique and delicious cuisines from around the world in your hometown! With seaworthyfish, you can connect with talented home cooks and find food in almost every category you won’t find in restaurants.
With seaworthyfish, you can sell your kitchen without physically owning your restaurant and spending money on rent, overhead, and staff. You can prepare meals in your own kitchen and eliminate many of the costs and risks associated with opening and running a restaurant. You are the owner of the kitchen. Menus, prices, schedules and dates can be customized!

The seaworthyfish app currently only serves Wyoming residents. All home cooks are vetted and required to work in a safe and clean kitchen in Wyoming.

You Can Purchase Products Right from Our Website

seaworthyfish has many affiliate advertising programs and works with Amazon. Therefore, you can directly buy the excellent Food you just read about on our website. This will allow you to get the lowest price for this Food, further develop our website and ultimately make it one of the largest players on the market.

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